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Motorcycle Tour Planning
Portugal, Spain, France, Austria, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, The Alps, and The Pyrenees, Great scenery, Great roads.
On these pages you will see some of the Motorcycle tours we have done in recent years.
If you like the sound of any of the tours and fancy riding one yourself you can purchase the full tour route list for your Garmin GPS unit for only £75. Just let us know which version of Garmin City Navigator you use and we'll prepare them for you so that all you need do is Load & Ride.

Alternatively - if you have a destination in mind and you want us to plan the routes please
e-mail us with some details of where you'd like to go, what types of road you like to ride and we'll plan it for you.
Prices for this service vary depending on distance and duration, please ask us for a free quote.

Would You Like To Do This?

The above picture is from the Port & Sangria tour to Spain 2007 click the link to the left to see what was included in the tour and if you like what you read you may want us to set a tour up for you or join one of our tours this year or next.

Ideally ;-

We'll have around 10/12 bikes on each tour.
Each bike will have a Sat-Nav and a CB fitted to it as it makes life so much easier and enjoyable when we can keep in touch whilst riding.
All riders will hold at least an IAM green badge.


This video is from the 2002 Elite-Wings Euro Tour organized by Winginit
for the premier Goldwing club.
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